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The company can cold extrude?products for customers, materials such as :1070,6061,6063,6082(aluminum alloy), low carbon steel?and so on; also?can work with customers to R & D?cold extrusion products.

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Strict technical checks to create world-class quality products
About Us
Our company specializes in manufacturing horizontal cold-extrusion press, vertical multi-link toggle cold(warm) extrusion press , closed type single point press, etc. Horizontal cold-extrusion press series includes 10000KN, 7200KN, 5000KN, 3500KN, 3150KN, 2650KN, 2000KN, 600KN, etc. Such products are commonly used in production of aluminum barrels, cans and other non-ferrous metal products. The series of vertical multi-link toggle cold(warm) extrusion press mainly includes 12500KN、6300KN, 3150KN, etc. Such products are widely used in cold-extrusion or warm-extrusion forming of ferrous metal blank. Closed type single point press mainly includes 1600KN, 2500KN, 4000KN, 5000KN, etc. Such products are used for blanking, forming, bending, shallow drawing, etc.